Multiple emergency crews were at Langley Pond in Clearwater on Wednesday searching for a man that may have drowned, and, as of press time, had not located him.

David Paul Smith, chief of the Burnettown Police Department, said an emergency call was received at approximately 5 p.m. that three swimmers – two men and a woman – were in distress at Langley Pond.

One of the male swimmers was transported to an area hospital in critical condition. The female swimmer reportedly followed him to the hospital.

Crews continued to search for the second male swimmer for several more hours, Smith said.

“The other person has not been located, but no one actually saw him go under,” Smith said Wednesday evening. “To complicate matters further, (the two other swimmers) just met the third person today. They don't really know a lot about him. Certainly, we hope somebody is just playing a prank on somebody, but we just can't take that chance.”

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office, the Columbia County Sheriff's Office, the Aiken County Sheriff's office, Aiken County EMS, multiple fire departments and dive teams were on the scene Wednesday.

The three swimmers had been swimming in a no-swim area of Langley Pond, and park patrons had observed them “doing some horseplaying,” Smith said.

“So, these park patrons checked on them twice. They (the swimmers) got back to normal; everybody was good. The third time proved ... they weren't playing,” Smith said.