BEECH ISLAND--Three different riders, three different horses, and the same winning results.

Team Hollow Creek Farm’s recent success is no accident. The labor intensive approach and winning program of trainer Andrea King has produced impressive performances.

But, it takes a team. Angel Karolyi and Amigo won the $75,000 Upperville Jumper Classic, Victor Segovia and Romeo captured the $60,000 Country Heir II Grand Prix and Emmanuel Andrade and Walter 61 earned blue ribbon honors in the $50,000 Grand Prix of Roanoke.

“I’m excited about the way everything has been going with the team,” said Karolyi. “We’re very lucky to have a great team. There are so many people involved with our success, our team of grooms, a great trainer like Andrea, the horses, outstanding sponsors and the professionals we have working on the horses.”

The tangibles of the riders and horses talents have also played a large role in making for a seamless spring, but a daily routine of intense training, a disciplined approach to producing optimal results, and a focused effort to reach their objectives were all part of the Hollow Creek Farm program.

“It was super,” said Karolyi. “It was an unbelievable month of June. That’s why we work so hard every day to try to make those kind of moments happen.”

A lot of travel is involved, copious amounts of planning required, and the logistics can provide its share of challenges, said Karolyi.

“Andrea helps with that, and she’s great at it,” said Karolyi. “We’re all involved with the process.”

Hollow Creek Farm plays a critical role in the success of the program, said Karolyi.

“It’s important to have a place to come back to,” said Karolyi. “The facility is unbelievable for the horses. They get to be horses at Hollow Creek, and it helps with their training. We have enough land here, so it’s not like they’re being trained in a fish tank. They’re big animals, have ample room and green areas to feel good about themselves.”