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When you have a band that’s affected from The Beatles and The Eagles to Vince Gill and Lynyrd Skynyrd, there’s no telling what they will bring to the stage.

In fact, some could say it’s Anybody’s Guess.

For close to two years, Ben Newman, Davie Shull, J.D. Davis, Shawn Woodward and Steve Davis have kept true to that name.

Anybody’s Guess can technically be traced back to 1990s with Shull, Steve Davis said.

However, in the current set-up, it started with Steve Davis, Newman and Shull.

JD Davis was brought in with former band member Dwight Bradham. Newman had played with both before, Shull said.

Woodward came in 2011, when Dwight, a member of the Army National Guard, had to leave on his second tour.

All members sing except Steve Davis.

Among the instruments they can play are mandolin, harmonica, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, saxophone and the drums.

The group prides itself on its diversity.

“There is so much talent that so many people have, and there are so many different fields of music,” J.D. said. “You can’t really compare Johnny Cash with Led Zeppelin.”

One afternoon you might spot the band in tuxedos playing Nat King Cole at the country club or wearing jeans and playing AC/DC at the corner bar the next night, Shull said.

The band regularly plays at Playoffs Sports Bar, The Red Pepper, Wing Place and the Skyline Club in Columbia.

Anybody’s Guess has also appeared at the Aiken Steeplechase, the Lobster Race and the Chitlin’ Strut in Salley.

“It’s fun to mix it up,” Newman said. “Playing at different venues gives you the opportunity to play different music.”

The group can play rock, shag, beach, country and blues music, Shull said.

Newman went to University of South Carolina to study classical guitar but claims the Fender as his “gear of choice.”

Shull, having played bass since he was in seventh grade, can still remember sitting down and trying to play the bass line to The Charlie Daniels Band song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

J.D. came out of “musical semi-retirement” to join Anybody’s Guess. He picked up his first instrument, the saxophone, when he was in the fifth grade.

Woodward, the newest member, works at a company in Lexington as a production line operator.

Steve’s musical roots can be followed back to playing with his brother and dad, to whom he still credits for his skills, such as timing.

Their name popped up from not knowing what else to call themselves while at a festival, Shull said.

Now it stands for what the band is all about.

“What you might hear when you come to hear us, it’s anybody’s guess,” Shull said.

For more information on the band, visit www.anybodysguess.net or the band’s Facebook page.