Approximately 1,400 employees of Savannah River Remediation, the liquid waste contractor for the Savannah River Site, are furloughed until further notice.

Savannah River Remediation President and Project Manager Ken Rueter today sent an email notifying employees of the furloughs. The email states the furloughs are a direct result of the federal government shutdown.

“Although the Department (of Energy) has been able to fund some continued activity for this contract following that date, the continued lapse in appropriations is having a significant impact on continued operations requiring us to make certain employment decisions. Therefore, some Savannah River Remediation employees will be furloughed until further notice. … Like you, we do not know how long this shut down will continue,” Rueter's email reads.

Affected employees are encouraged to visit or call the Site information line, 803-725-SITE (803-725-7483), for information on when to return to work.