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Merriwether Elementary’s students learn from Redcliffe Plantation

  • Monday, January 27, 2014

Submitted Photo Mrs. Rice´s third-grade class at Redcliffe Plantation.

In December, the third-grade classes from Merriwether Elementary School went to see Redcliffe Plantation.

This historical plantation reinforced many of the South Carolina history standards the third graders are currently learning about, such as plantations and cash crops.

The students were amazed how vastly different plantation life was from their own life. They also enjoyed learning all about the thriving crops that once existed at Redcliffe Plantation. This field trip helped them put in perspective what it would truly be like to be a plantation owner or a slave on a plantation.

Finally, most of the students’ favorite part of the field trip was when they got to pretend they were a worker on the plantation.

The students mimicked the job of a water toter. They learned how difficult it would be to carry water to the plantation house. Although the games were much more fun for the children, they came back to school with a different viewpoint on plantation life.

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