Under our laws, a person canít be jailed over a debt. Did Congress change the law?

Prayer in schools

Every day our kids donít hear the word of God at school. Itís not until someone goes on a rampage and they ask, ďOh God, why did this happen?Ē Itís because our children are taught evil before the word of God. Put prayer back in schools.

City debris

The debris on my street hasnít been touched in three weeks. There has been one pickup on my street. I live in the city.

Not fair

This debris clean up is getting stupid. Five weeks ago, they came through our area and did their first sweep. They havenít been back since. Friends of mine who live in a high-class neighborhood had three sweeps and a street sweeper to clean up their streets. How fair is that? We all pay the same taxes.

Soccer rules

We were at a high school soccer game, and we wonder if itís legal and within youth soccer guidelines to have a hired, paid soccer coach versus someone who is a school employee?


U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham has done good for the state and fought for the state. You should be proud to pay taxes in this state. Weíre a right-to-work state. If you want to work, you work. If you donít, you donít have to. Thanks, Lindsey Graham, for all youíve done.

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham certainly should be voted in again. He is the best thing that happened to South Carolina since Strom Thurmond. He is a great, great U.S. Senator, and we all love him dearly.

Cart corrals

I live in North Augusta, and I want to remind people to be more courteous with their shopping carts. Everywhere you go, they are left willy-nilly in the parking lots. They have corrals for these things. If you canít put your cart back, you shouldnít go to the store.

Out of control

Many parents canít control their children, the same as they canít reprimand them at home. Therefore, they put them into apartments. They take parking places, and you should see how they keep these apartments with all the trash and trashy languages. Donít blame it on the parents. It has to start at home.

Malaysia plane

I believe the people on the Malaysia plane died, and the plane is really on the bottom of the ocean.