Note to Graham

Note to U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham: We’re not trying to grow a business, we’re trying to control a government that has been out of control for far too long.


The candidates running for District 84 should hold a public meeting. People have a right to know what they stand for.

Why is it every candidate wants to run on fixing the roads, lowering taxes and funding education? How can you do any of that without raising taxes?

Shame on you

For all of you who write/call and state “Shame” on some person – who do you think you are that you should put shame on others when your understanding of the issue is frequently shallow? By all means, feel free to whine, but reserve “shame” for those occasions when you truly know the facts. Judge not.

Debris pickup

I believe the cities in Alabama will be cleaned up following these tornadoes long before Aiken is rid of all this storm debris.

Trashiest state

South Carolina is one of the fattest, sickest states in the U.S. and the City Council wants to remove the sidewalks?

Isn’t everyone embarrassed to hear on the news that South Carolina is rated the trashiest state in the union? Not a title I want to be known for. Come on, get together and help clean up where we live. What happened to pride?

Describing Aiken

Reverence, hospitality, sincerity, compassion, community and devotion to success are words that we use to describe Aiken. If you have lived here all of your life, you are proud of this tradition. Since the 1950s, the Savannah River Site had been a part of that tradition until SRNS arrived. The highest management’s hateful motto from the beginning has been, “We are now going to do it our way.” Look the SRNS management in the eyes, if you ask them. Thanks, and bless you Aiken Standard for maintaining our values.

Driving laws

This texting ban is ridiculous. It’s so hypocritical. The ones enforcing it will be more distracted than those texting. Law enforcement officers ride around with radios and laptops. They’re going to tell me I can’t text and drive?

We need to educate our drivers, students especially, about the dangers. We don’t need to make laws. We have enough laws.

Uncrowded graveyards

Leave your doors unlocked, the graveyards are not crowded.