In response to the Aiken Standardís request for a summary of the previous estimate of $31 billion for the MOX life cycle under the Freedom of Information Act, the National Nuclear Security Administration provided the summary, plus a description of four alternative plans that they have under consideration. Now maybe we can select one and get the Russians on board Ė because their plutonium is a lot less secure than ours Ė and start.

Oh? Weíve already started, have already spent (wasted) $4 billion and have already signed an agreement with the Russians, which will also have to be scrapped. Also, since we didnít do an initial MOX project life cycle cost estimate, we have nothing to compare the $31 billion to in order to determine what has changed to prompt the suggested drastic actions. Oh well, itís only taxpayer money and itís a good thing that we can trust Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Whatís wrong with this picture?

Mike Manucy