When you sign up for cable, be aware of what you’re getting. You might get channel 10 from Columbia, but probably not.

Gun ownership

Kudos to the Aiken Standard for the editorial about gun ownership. I am proud that my local newspaper understands that responsible societies take a proactive approach in addressing safety of all citizens. Thank you, Aiken Standard, for being a leader. Responsible gun ownership is not being threatened.


Regarding the junkyard on U.S. Highway 1 at Sam’s Club, if the Aiken County attorney will contact the S.C. Highway Patrol and request that the vehicles be removed from the state highway right of way, a state trooper will red tag them, and if they are not removed within 48 hours, they will be towed at owner’s expense. The time to make this area safer is now. Let’s honor the gentleman who ran this business for years by cleaning up this section of road and implement an Adopt-a-Highway in his memory.


I had my debris out by the 20th. There is an 8-foot pile out there with mice living in there. If you don’t pick it up, I’m going to sue. We’re all going to file a class-action suit.


I would like to give credit to the New Ellenton Police Department for doing its job the other day regarding drugs. I hope things get better.


What do these people want? They have leaves out there in front of their house, they should rake them up and put them in bags. I’m sure they’ve picked up the limbs. Better yet, take them to the dump. You should be able to do it yourself.