Growth rate

City and County officials need to figure out that the growth rate has dropped. The public has told you to stop spending money we don’t have. You’re not above not having the funds. Now that the growth rate is dropping, you’re going to have less.

District 2

Is there any chance we can get someone born and raised in Aiken to run for County Council District 2?

Job loss

The people who are criticizing MOX and SRS need to realize that if those jobs go away, the tax base will be made up by someone.

Scam artists

The citizens of Aiken County need to be aware of the scam artists out there. I got a call from someone saying my grandson was in trouble in New York. They wanted $900 from me. Be aware, they’re out there.

Gross bathrooms

Why do some stores have gross bathrooms? I went in one the other day and turned around.

Mosquito problem

If they had left the parkways alone downtown, we wouldn’t have this mosquito problem. Instead, they fill up with water and breed mosquitoes.

Memorial Day

Why are businesses observing Memorial Day but the schools are not? Were there any adults present when we decided to have school on Monday?

Gas prices

Regarding gas prices being higher than Hilton Head, remember where the gas comes from. If it comes via seaports, the further it has to be transported, the more it will cost. That’s only one reason the Keystone pipeline will be beneficial to our country.