I recently learned that Mike Stake is running for County Council in Aiken County. I thought that voters in the county might like to know about an interesting experience my family had with Mike Stake, some years ago.

I had donated a kidney to my sister, Nancy, in 1994. But in less than five years that kidney had failed and she had to go back on dialysis. It was a difficult ordeal since her veins are small and she needed to receive treatment through a chest catheter. Due to various medical problems, no other members of my family were eligible donors.

After Nancy had been back on dialysis for a year, she received a phone call one day from a total stranger named Mike Stake. He was calling on behalf of his boss and learned about Nancyís problem in the course of their conversation. When Mike offered to donate one of his own kidneys, Nancy thought he was kidding. He wasnít. When medical testing indicated that he would be a viable donor for Nancy, the transplant was on. Now, more than 14 years later, Nancy continues to fare well with Mikeís kidney.

Itís certainly hard to believe that someone would do such a courageous and noble thing, especially for a complete stranger. I later learned that Mike had also worked with youngsters through his church, participated in a volunteer program that repaired elderly peopleís homes and participated in a ministry that counseled engaged couples.

Iím not a resident of Aiken. In fact, I live in Pennsylvania. But I wanted to submit this information because it speaks volumes about him. He really is a very unusual person. From what Iíve seen, many candidates for office are little more than narcissistic windbags. But this story proves that Mike Stake is certainly a courageous, kind and noble human being. Thereís no getting around it.

If I were a resident of Aiken County, he would certainly have my vote.

Christopher Bachler

Media, Pa.