It seems that all of the Republican candidates are saying they will lower the national debt. All candidates are saying that our children and grandchildren will have to pay this national debt off.

What generation is this pay back suppose to start? The U.S. has had this large national debt for years, probably long enough for this so-called generation to start paying this debt off. How are we to expect that our children and grandchildren to even start to pay this debt when all those in power now can only give it lip-service?

Republicans are adamantly opposed to cutting the military budget. I ask you, from a Democrats view, “Why should the military budget be so high when the disabled troops can not even get proper care?” This idea that the veteran’s department’s budget comes from a different pot of money is a royal cop-out. The military must take care of their own, much better than is being shown currently.

The Democrats are adamantly opposed to cutting entitlement programs. I am on two of these entitlements, but that is not to say that many people and I can not afford a small decrease.

The bottom line is, “We are the generation that must start paying back this huge debt, or it will never start to be paid off.” Our children and grandchildren learn from us. Our generation must start this process in order to be able to teach our next generations what must be done.

Tim Bledsoe

North Augusta