I usually do with Anthony J. Distefano’s column what I do with Moses Mims’ Letters to the Editor and that is place them in File 13.

However, on May 20, I decided to read Distefano’s column entitled “Ongoing inequality, division in America.” It was interesting to note that he still believes our form of government is a democracy. He stated “The political games ... make a mockery of our democracy”; “Equality is essential to a democracy.” As I recall from my school days, our government system is not a democracy, but a Constitutional Republic.

In fact, in a democracy, the majority rules, which tends to debunk his argument for equality as we would then be ruled by 51 percent of the population.

No equality there. He also appears to be a fine student of the “Communist Manifesto” as he wishes to stop inheritance, a specific demand delineated in the Communist Manifesto – “abolition of all right of inheritance.” His approach to “equality” appears to bring those who have risen to the top and succeeded to the bottom rather than bringing those at the bottom to the top. No where is equality a guaranteed part of life or a part of the constitution but rather everyone has the opportunity to succeed and be equal. Difestano further stated “some of the people ... believe that government is always the problem and never the solution. This I do not understand.” I, on the other hand, happen to completely understand and agree with that statement.

Unfortunately, there will always be the “haves” and “have nots” but there is nothing to stop the “have nots” from succeeding and rising to the top as long as government stays out of the picture.

Robert B. Dandridge