Enough is enough

We all need to march to our state capitols on one day and say, “Enough soldiers dying for people who hate us. Enough illegal immigrants. Enough veterans dying. Enough IRS targeting. We’ve had enough.”

What’s the cost?

What is the cost to the taxpayer on people who call claiming domestic violence but then don’t pursue the charges? That’s a ridiculous as a false house alarm.

Nuclear material

How can SRS seriously consider taking in the German nuclear material, or for that matter anyone else’s, since our own government has reneged on its deal for the Yucca Mountain storage facility?

Primary elections

Why is it that during our primary elections you may cast votes for either ticket (Democrat or Republican), regardless of your party registration? We had neighbors (registered Democrats) who said they purposely voted on the Republican ticket in hopes of messing up the Republican candidates by voting for who they thought were the least qualified candidates.

Service station

Wouldn’t it be nice if our wonderful little town had a service station that had at least one attendant to pump gas for the elderly and the disabled?

Crape myrtles

Fairfield and Richland avenues are covered in crape myrtles. They need to be trimmed back. You can’t see to cross the road.

Aiken Mall

It is unsafe to walk from store to store inside the Aiken Mall. The lighting is terrible and you don’t know what’s lurking around. The only time you feel safe is if you’re outside.


I’m not in a union, but I’m middle class. Unions are not the backbone of America anymore. They’re breaking the back of America.

Animal shelter

The animal shelter has an overwhelming amount of animals on a daily basis. Even if we built 500 more runs, we wouldn’t have enough room for the animals. This is why it can never be no-kill. If you want to do something, volunteer.

Need and want

The mayor as well as the rest of City Council needs to understand the difference between need and want. Construction and projects shouldn’t be based on what the City wants. They should be based on what the City needs if they want to be good stewards of the tax money they receive.