Gated communities

Keep in mind that people who live in the gated communities are the same as everyone else. They need to get off the pedestal and look to God. This is not a judgment of your soul; this is an observation of your actions.


The people who bash Obama are nothing but political hacks that put politics before God.


The person responsible for the lighting on White Pond and Whiskey Road needs to take care of things. Itís been out for a month and a half. Something needs to identify that corner.

Yard debris

When will the City credit us for the two months of yard debris that they didnít pick up?

Yellow pages

Letís fill the recycle bins with Yellow Page directories. I have received three copies. What a waste of time and money.

Sales tax

The school board sales tax referendum is going to require discussion. It shouldnít be opened ended and continue forever. It needs to have a time limit and then be renewed.

Christmas decorations

Why does Monetta still have its Christmas decorations up?

Mental counseling

I see where a man was sentenced to life without parole for a double slaying including a 9-year-old child. I also see he is entitled to mental counseling at the tax payers expense. Are we all nuts? Heís in for life. Do we want him to relate better to his fellow convicts? Let him rot in there, and lets stop this liberal mollycoddling in our prisons.

Water park

The splash pad is a nice water park for the children. However, children are slipping and falling on the concrete areas, by the picnic tables and inside the changing rooms, due to the smooth surface of the concrete. Our children have fallen and hit their heads a few times, and we do not plan to go back anytime soon due to the dangers. I feel there should be rubber mats or groves placed into the concrete so children can walk and play safely throughout the park.


To the TalkBacks regarding paying for other peopleís abortion meds: The morning after pill does not function as an abortion pill but facts obviously donít matter. The other issue is that working people that canít afford or donít want children are paying for yours in their taxes. Maybe people with children need to pay more taxes per child and not less?