The Town of Burnettown should take notice to what Washington City, Georgia, did with its police department, or should I say that the Town Council should take notice.

The mayor was quoted by an Aiken Standard reporter, as saying” I’ve had to cut office personal to try and save money,” but in truth there are still three town clerks ... correction on that, one assistant administrator and two clerks.

Also, since June, the mayor has fired the town judge and replaced that judge with a former police officer for the Town of Burnettown.

Disband the police department and let the county take it back over.

Can money be saved? Yes. No cost of vehicle maintenance, no medical insurance, no workman’s compensation, no gas and this is just a few things that could be saved.

Residents of Burnettown – get involved in what is going on, or you are going to pay for it in the long run. Also, if you are going to have a assistant administrator, by name or what, then place that employee on full time status of 40 hours per week and the other two can be let go.

Kenneth Smith