Life Alert

If you want the calls to stop from Life Alert, stop pressing the button.


Everybody that ages has cataracts. I donít understand where this $400,000 a person is coming from for the SRS retirees. I also donít know who the Cold War Patriots are. These people made exceptional money when they worked there and got exceptional benefits. Now theyíre hunting something that is a natural thing that happens to old people. We in the U.S. spend money foolishly.


I just found out that youíre better off getting lockjaw because Medicare doesnít cover tetanus shots.

Food stamps

People on food stamps have nothing to do with food prices going up. Blame the head man about that.


Any one who thinks soccer is more exciting than football is a puzzlement. How is 112 minutes with no score exciting? Iíd rather watch paint dry.


A recent TalkBack talked about the erosion of freedoms by liberals and, as usual, not one example was given. I find it very baffling that conservatives talk about their rights and freedoms while they are trying to erode other peopleís rights and freedoms. The typical complaint, when getting to the real nitty-gritty, usually revolves around not being able to make everything a religious event or prayer fest thatís supported by local or federal government. As for the 200-plus years of this Republic, it was never a theocracy and it never will be because we have a secular Constitution by design, not accident.

Tiger Woods

Why do our golf officials and media totally ignore the obscene language and overall bad conduct of Tiger Woods when things are not going his way on the golf course? Is this the image we want our young people to idolize? Am I the only one that notices his terrible behavior?


I support the receipt and processing of the spent German nuclear fuel at SRS. The lies being told about this are shocking. There is no better place for this waste to go. SRS is the best in the world at what it does.


People need to beware of buying watermelons from a truck.