The Aiken Department of Public Safety arrested a man for driving while intoxicated after he was found asleep in his vehicle in a McDonald’s drive-thru.

Mackie Walker Jr., 61, of North Augusta, was charged with driving under the influence and for an open container, according to a police report.

Shortly after midnight on Friday, police responded to call about a man who was unconscious in a drive-thru line at the Richland Avenue McDonald’s. When police arrived, they found a black Infiniti SUV sitting stationary in the drive-thru and the unresponsive driver. Police tried several times to wake the driver up, and after a few minutes, he regained consciousness but was very confused, according to a report. The driver told police that he had not slept since the previous morning.

The driver was asked to pull into a parking spot. He was also asked if he was willing to take a series of tests to determine if he was OK to drive, to which he consented. Police also searched his vehicle and found a coffee mug containing wine, the report read.