When people ask Alexis Johnson what she wants to do with a degree in environmental engineering, she says, “Save the world.”

Originally from Ewing, New Jersey, Johnson is a senior at the University of Florida where she is pursuing a degree in the field she has been passionate about since she was 12 years old.

“My family has always had a thing for being outdoors, and I've always had a passion for the environment,” she said.

She has been able to use her passion for environmental safety during her summer internship at Savannah River Remediation.

“I've never wanted to just sit behind a computer screen,” said Johnson. “I would rather be outside actually putting my plans to action.”

She works for Savannah River Remediation's Environmental Compliance group, where she has assisted with a number of environmental projects throughout the summer. Johnson has been involved in inspections of storm water systems, air emissions and landfills, as well as communicating with state regulators.

“I get to experience so many different pieces of environmental work,” she said. “It's been awesome to actually use what I've learned in school to do hands-on work in the field.”

Johnson is especially partial to water resources and wetlands science, and this summer, she got to visit a constructed wetland located at the Savannah River Site.

According to Johnson, the constructed wetland acts as a natural water treatment plant for some of the Site's facilities. Johnson said she would love to make wetland design remediation a part of her career.

Keith Liner, SRR Saltstone Environmental Compliance Authority and Johnson's supervisor, said it is evident she has passion for her chosen field and protecting the environment.

“She puts 110 percent into everything she does,” Liner said. “Alexis always has a positive attitude and outlook on her work. She is an excellent communicator and has fresh ideas that help make us do our work differently.”

SRR is the liquid waste contractor at SRS, which is owned by U.S. Department of Energy.