President Barack Obama’s refusal to put the National Guard on our borders is a direct assault on our sovereignty.

The crisis he created, by encouraging illegal immigrant children to come here by illegally giving amnesty to 800,000 illegal alien children already here, unleashed a new flood of them.

Now, he is using the excuse of this crisis to spread billions of dollars around without securing the borders first.

This is his way of making sure our borders are open even wider since the border patrol has to care for the new flood of illegals.

As a result, 70 percent of the existing border patrol personnel are no longer guarding the border, according to interviews of border patrol employees, NumbersUSA, an immigration reduction organization, and FreedomWorks, a conservative and libertarian lobbying group.

The drug smugglers and the invasion of older illegal aliens now have no barriers to entry. George Soros, a billionaire left wing backer of Obama is seeing his dreamof open borders to the United States come true. This is a way to move forward on erasing the borders between Mexico, the U.S., and Canada, which is the goal of the Security and Prosperity Partnership agreement signed by the three countries in 2005.

Obama’s dictatorship is becoming ever more secure as we become more overrun with the illegal immigrants he is counting on to vote for far left democrats, which they are now doing fraudulently. His intent is to cause the collapse of our constitutional republic so he can install a liberal/fascist regime.

Currently, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is acting much more like the president of a constitutional republic – the U.S. – than is Obama.

Thomas N. Dean