SRS retirees

The SRS retirees keep complaining. Do they deserve better than the AGY employees got? They need to take a look around and quit complaining.

Welcome to the real world, SRS retirees. This has been happening to the military retirees for year. We risked our lives and didn’t receive $70 or $80 thousand at the end. We were lucky to walk away with $20,000 and our lives.

Parked vehicles

Why are there so many commercial and contractor vehicles parked in residential areas in Aiken County?

Project Jackson

Project Jackson was in court in Aiken, the judge told him it would be days before he made a decision. We need to get together and take it to the polls. This way the whole truth will come out about Project Jackson.

No. 1

Finally, South Carolina has achieved No. 1 in the nation. It is the No. 1 dirtiest state in the country. The government says they can’t do anything about it.

Career politicians

Political service was never meant to be a career for anyone at the state or federal level. We need to wake up and get rid of the career politicians.

Spending funds

In spending taxpayer-approved funds, the City shouldn’t be spending it on the railroad depot unless the deck is being used to bring tourists. There must be a correlation. This could be done if the Aiken railroad starts bringing passengers from Charleston.

Penny sales tax

The penny sales tax isn’t just a penny; it’s 1 percent. I have a jar full of pennies if they would like them.

Everyone needs to take a look at his or her car tag registration. There is a line there that says “school.” Look and see how much of your money is going to the school.

Protecting coffee

Put unused coffee grounds in the refrigerator and leave it there. This prevents mildew.

Approve hospital

The application for University Hospital in Aiken should be approved. It would help to reduce medical costs in Aiken, which are extremely high.


It would be wonderful to give the Northside a facelift.