Letís resolve the immigration problem once and for all. First, seal the border. If necessary, use a double row of electrified barbed wire fencing and reinforce that with the military or the national guard. Second, insist that all residents carry identification. Any individuals who cannot prove their identity and are subsequently caught should immediately be deported to their country of origin. All illegal aliens who have been here five or more years, have no criminal record, have learned English and have paid taxes, should be fined for illegal entry and then granted status as resident aliens, without the full rights of citizenship. All others should be deported. Resident aliens should be permitted to apply for citizenship, but would have to get to the back of the line.

Third, employers should be held responsible for ensuring that all of their employees are here legally, have registered with the government and have obtained the right to work in this country. Severe fines should be levied against employers who willfully violate this provision and employees who lie to their employers would be subject to immediate deportation.

Fourth, all illegal employees convicted of additional crimes here in the US would be incarcerated, perhaps in Guantanamo, deported and denied any subsequent admission to this country for life.

Lastly, all buses and planes bringing unescorted children into the US should be denied landing rights and should be escorted out of the country by the military. Any of those children already here should be put on buses and dumped off in front of the White House.

David J. Didimamoff