In regard to a column written in the Aiken Standard by Gary Bunker titled “ARE PROPERTY TAXES TOO LOW”. I would like to commend Mr. Bunker for addressing the issue in a positive, factual, analytical way.

I have read most of Mr. Bunkers column's and would say he is well informed on the issues he addresses. His writings always present positive points many time overlooked and the column on “ARE PROPERTY TAXES TOO LOW” was no exception. Mr. Bunker's praise for both Aiken County and Aiken City Councils holding taxes down was well deserved.

Mr. Bunker served on Aiken County Council and has a lot of insight on what works and what doesn't. He continues service to the citizens of Aiken County through his informative columns.

If Aiken County is short on anything it is long term Vision for the future and a plan to address the issues we will be facing.

I hope Mr. Bunker will continue writing his columns; I look forward to reading them.

Mike McElhaney