I feel the new tax office in the Aiken County Government Center is a waste of our tax payer money. The rooms are so huge I cannot fathom why they needed to be this size – nor can I imagine what it cost to run the air conditioner. There was money allocated for this new building but there is constantly a cut in our schools budget. The parents and teachers have to supply toilet paper, etc. to the school, due to the lack of funding. Obviously, our county’s priorities are in the wrong place.


It seems the money-grubbers are pro-growth for Aiken, and we have to wonder about their motives. Crime and taxes rise incrementally with population growth.

SRS retirees

Welcome to the real world, SRS retirees. This has been happening to the military retirees for year. We risked our lives and didn’t receive $70,000 or $80,000 at the end. We were lucky to walk away with $20,000 and our lives.

Project Jackson

Project Jackson was in court in Aiken; the judge told them it would be days before he made a decision. We need to get together and take it to the polls. That way the whole truth will come out about Project Jackson.

Penny sales tax

The penny sales tax isn’t just a penny; it’s 1 percent. I have a jar full of pennies if they would like them.

Car registration

Everyone needs to take a look at his or her car tag registration. There is a line there that says “school.” Look and see how much of your money is going to the school.

School system

The school system is a mess. Now we’re going to have to pay more sales tax to fix a broken school system. Throwing money at it isn’t a solution. We need to get someone in there who can manage the school system better.

Prevent mildew

Put unused coffee grounds in the refrigerator and leave it there. This prevents mildew.


To the person who wondered about the need for immunization against diphtheria and whooping cough, you are obviously intelligent enough to understand that if you contact these horrible diseases, you can become deathly ill. You really do not want to take that chance in this day & age where travel is so common that you can be exposed to these diseases. The fact that they are nearly eradicated in the U.S. does not protect us from immigrating people.