Congratulations to everyone involved with the recent production, “Memories from the Heart,” that was held at the Etherredge Center on the beautiful USC Aiken campus. It was a wonderful show.

The title is appropriate because it contains the words “from the heart.” The performers give from their hearts with every note they sing or play.

They have been giving from their collective hearts for many years now. They are to be commended for everything they do to help raise money for the American Heart Association.

The singers on the program were Bernice DeLoach, Vince Cloud, Jeanne Webb, Robbie Purvis, Tony Long, Tom Nance, Jeanne Muir-Denton, Diane Miniard, Brooke Lundy, Cliff Dyches, Gary Frasier, Brad King, Kelvin Jenkins, Betsy Wilson-Mahoney, Jan Royal, Juli Davis, Anita Hanna and Julie Whitsell. The master of ceremonies was Vice Cloud. He was masterful in that role.

The wonderful band was composed of Darrell Rains, Dr. Gary Shepard, Ben Newman, Mark Ferriter and Sherry Iles. I really enjoyed the musical solo (“Hotel California”) by Darrell Rains and Dr. Gary Shepard. Congratulations again. Tickets go on sale on Nov. 1, 2014 for the 2015 play.

Allen Riddick