Moldy bread

I was served moldy bread and ate it at a restaurant. I went in again and found multiple loaves of molded bread. Bad food can be hazardous. Someone help stop these people before others get sick.

For shame

Shame on you, mother and daughter in the parking lot after church. Shame on you.

Trash pickup

Why isnít the City picking up the trash on Trail Ridge and Bardon? They have been ignoring it and havenít bothered to pick it up.

Project Jackson

If North Augusta needs the tax money for Project Jackson, the citizens should have the right to vote on it. Take it to the people, and let them decide.

Tax breaks

The City wants us to pay now for all the tax breaks given to companies.


If you have a loved one who has passed on, you should put a headstone on their grave. I went to find my friend, and she had no headstone. Itís so disrespectful.

Yellow pages

Iím upset that Iím listed as the only person living in my residence in the new Yellow Pages. My husband has been listed in parenthesis. Now people will think Iím divorced. My brother-in-lawís wife wasnít listed with their phone number either. Iím pretty upset about it.


Why do the girls in drive-throughs have these long fingernails? Iíve been scratched so many times when they hand me my soda. I just got scratched the other day, and I got an infection. Something must be done about these lion claws.