An Aiken man said two armed men broke into his home through an open window late Monday night, according to the Aiken Department of Public Safety.

The incident happened at about 10 p.m. at a home on George Street, according to an incident report. The victims said about an hour before they called the police, two men knocked on their front door asking for an individual named Andrew.

The male victim told the suspects he didnít know anyone named Andrew, and the men left, police said. The men returned about an hour later and knocked on the door, and the victim was able to see through the door peephole that one of the suspects was holding a small pistol.

While on the phone with dispatch, the victim said he heard one of the suspects moving around in the bedroom, which they apparently entered through an unlocked window, the report stated. The victim told the suspect he was on the phone with police, and the suspect exited out the same window and left the home.

Officers on patrol in the area located two men who matched the description of the suspects, but the victims said they were not the suspects, police said.

Report: Armed men entered open window