Litter laws

When are the police going to enforce the littering laws? All an officer needs to do is sit a mile away from a transfer station to observe pickup trucks and trailers loaded with unsecured garbage, going 60 mph and garbage flying all over behind them. Is there not a law for unsecured loads? Secure your loads, people. I don’t need your garbage flying into my windshield on the roadways.

Refrigerator light

A lot of people worry that the light in their refrigerator stays on even when the door is closed. If you want to be sure, set your smartphone to record a video, then just put your phone on the shelf in the refrigerator. Close the door and wait about 30 seconds. Open the door and play the video to see if the light went out or not. No more worries.

Jewish bakery

I would like to see in Aiken a Jewish bakery. Their pastries are to die for. You can taste the butter.

Do as I say

I was eating dinner in Greenwood; and, for 35 minutes, a Department of Natural Resources officer left his dog in his truck. It was 95 degrees. How can he give someone a ticket or take them to jail for catching too many fish when he left his dog in a truck?

Nuclear waste

Don’t waste Aiken. We don’t want Germany’s waste, and we don’t want Canada’s either.

What could possibly be positive for SRS receiving additional severely hazardous nuclear waste? You keeping your high-paying job while sacrificing community and posterity? Maybe living in a town that the world learns has become a premier nuclear waste dump/repository? Congressional support will never be certain; death is always certain.

Existing building

Good to see a new business is utilizing an existing building. Aiken has too many abandoned locations.

Where does it end?

With all the immigration problems that we have now, the federal government has now put 350 immigrant children in South Carolina and told the governor it is not your business. Well, it is the governor’s business, and all of South Carolina’s. Now we are a struggling state having to house, feed, clothe and provide health care when our own people can’t get any assistance for lack of funds. Where does it end? When we have no state to call home?

Learn some manners

Be quiet and learn some music manners. We are at Hopelands to listen to music, not hear about your daily activities.