All that money

We have enough restaurants, gyms and hotels. All of that money is going to Augusta, where there is a great mall with a great movie theater that is clean, has stadium seating and a good sound system.

Exactly right

In response to the TalkBack labeled “Aiken attitude”: You’re exactly right. Everything you said is true. The only happiness in life the people of Aiken have is when a stranger picks up their restaurant tab. I see it in TalkBack all the time. But, the hatred they got going there is ridiculous.

Proud of Aiken

I am proud that the Aiken community supports SRS in reprocessing nuclear material to assure it will not be used for weapons but rather for peaceful purposes. And that we are knowledgeable enough to be confident that this will be done safely.

Too feeble

The people who complain they are unable to pump their own gas should take a close look at themselves. If you are too feeble to pump gas, you are probably too feeble to drive.

Best TalkBack

Congratulations, to the writer of the “Aiken attitudes” TalkBack. In five years, this is the best TalkBack I’ve read. It sums up the true moral values of the Christian right and shows why South Carolina ranks last in so many “worst in ...” categories.

Lox and cream cheese

When you’re up North, you should indulge yourself in lox and cream cheese at your kosher deli. Until then, enjoy where you’re at.

Not the problem

The problem with education is not the physical schools. I went to schools that were 40 and 50 years old; it’s the fact that the teacher’s aren’t allowed to teach, and there is no support at home.