Answering the letter on Aug. 5 “Time to change Social Security,” there were four points, actually three, mentioned in his letter. Revising the normal retirement age in itself could be acceptable.

Full retirement now stands at 67. If a future recipient has a medical issue the early retirement age should not be adjusted upward. The second point is a concern. He states “ concentrate the payment of benefits on those who are most in need.” I do not want the government to play God for those whom they classify “need.” Social Security is a pay into program created by the government. The third point is that cost of living adjustments should be scaled down to a more realistic level. To what level? Increases over the last several years have been minimal or non-existent.

In 1933, Social Security was created to help the poor and impoverished coming out of the depression. Today, with governmental interference with our lives, it is very much needed to help people survive. Those of us receiving benefits are not living the lifestyles of the Kardashians.

R. E. Deitrich