We agree

We agree with the person who will be leaving if Aiken becomes a nuclear dump. All the horse owners in the area will leave, and that will cause tax problems and the closing of stores downtown.

Protect us all

If you’re getting moldy bread at a restaurant, you should call DHEC. TalkBack can’t help you with that. You should call and protect us all.

Worst drivers

Why do the worst drivers always buy trucks and SUVs? They should be required to drive a moped until they learn how to drive responsibly.

Poor sport

Tiger Woods always withdraws when he’s losing. He’s a very poor sport.


The railroad only exists to the east of Aiken to Oakwood; it doesn’t run to Charleston.

Not so friendly

The Aiken County judicial system seems to have no shame in having racism in it. Two separate incidents of similar details have me wondering. One man shoots another in the “hip” and is charged with attempted murder; another man shoots another in the “head” and is charged with assault and battery. It doesn’t take a 5-year-old to see how black and white that is. It’s only one of few, but Aiken is known for being friendly – to whom?


Two TalkBacks about illegal immigrants and the state of the world point out the root cause that has divided the country. Everything isn’t Obama’s fault, and trying to make it so while offering no solutions to the problems does nothing constructive. The Republican Party and its little Tea Party child spend all their time working to stop abortions and same-sex marriage while Rome burns.