My wife and I were returning to Aiken from Georgia on Route 20 on Monday afternoon. We passed a vehicle with two adults in the front seat and two teen aged children in the back.

The girl behind the passenger had a terrified look on her face and was waving at us and mouthing “help me.” I fell back and then came alongside the vehicle again and both my wife and I saw the same thing. My wife called 911 and reported what we saw along with the license plate number.

She was then transferred to the Aiken Public Safety, then the State Police, then the Highway Patrol and then back to Aiken telling the story each time to the new listener. Then she was disconnected.

She called back, told the story again and this time was put on hold for about 10 minutes. I called back, told the story and was put on hold for about 10 minutes. I called back again and said we were following the vehicle for 40 minutes, way out of our way, and wanted to know what they could do to help this girl.

The 911 operator hung up on me. At this point, we had followed the vehicle for 40 minutes going 20 miles past our exit.

My wife then called the Highway Patrol and told the story again. The operator said she would notify a patrolman in the area.

Having done all we could do, we gave up and returned home. I’m not a “wannabe” cop but I am a concerned citizen and I wonder how the operators would feel if it were their daughter in that back seat.

Obviously, work needs to be done at our 911 desk.

Patrick M. Blewett