Pat Landon and his family are finally seeing the fruits of their labor with the recent opening of another locally-owned Bojangles’ in Aiken; but their road to seeing Bojangles’ become a prominent establishment throughout the CSRA was a long one.

Pat Landon founded Bojland Restaurant Group back in 2002. Over time, the group has become a family business that includes his wife, Sandra, who co-manages the stores, and his son, Daniel, taking over as director of operations.

In addition, his daughter, Christin Smith, is the business controller and his other daughter, Andrea Wandless, works in human resources. Pat said several other family members hold positions within the company as well.

While all the pieces are now in place, Pat explained that the first 10 years were a struggle because the master plan included eliminating older stores and handling legal agreements.

“We always knew that our goal was to build brand new restaurants and become a player in the market,” he said. “Between the economics and all, it took about 10 years to really get us going.”

In 2011, Pat Landon said they took their first major step and opened a Bojangles’ in Thomson, Georgia.

Since then, they’ve built Bojangles’ restaurants in Grovetown and Augusta; and back in March, the company crossed the river and built another restaurant in North Augusta.

Bojangles’ may be prominent in 12 states with more than 600 locations, but the Landons truly have localized the idea and are anticipating a total of eight locations with more than 500 jobs by this time next year.

Daniel Landon said the upcoming employment scope of more than 500 employees is a huge responsibility, but a rewarding one as well.

“We think it’s only going to get better,” he said. “We take care of our employees and our managers, and we think our customers can sense that.”

That family impact, Pat added, is projected in their work and gives their restaurants more of a personal feel.

“We’re very family-oriented, and we have an incredibly low turnover level, even at the crew level; it’s part of our mantra,” he said. “We want people to see that we embrace our people and our responsibilities.”

The new Aiken Bojangles’ is located at 123 Simple Savings Drive near Sam’s Club, off Jefferson Davis Highway.

In addition to the five current Bojangles’ in the CSRA, Bojland Restaurant Group is anticipating three more locations by June of next year, including another one in Aiken.

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