Two years ago, the Happy Tales Adoption Program rescued 23 cats from a man who had started shooting the animals because he had become so overwhelmed.

All have found new homes except for Pixie, who waits patiently to be chosen.

“She is an amazing cat with a huge personality,” said Happy Tales Director Marnie Ricker. “She would make a wonderful companion. She’s affectionate and attentive, but she doesn’t smother you.”

Pixie, who was only 4 months old when Happy Tales began caring for her, is a black Japanese Bobtail mix with big, golden owl-like eyes. Her back legs are slightly longer than her front limbs, and her very short tail looks like it belongs on a rabbit.

“She greets you, which means that she is a confident cat,” said Pixie’s foster mother, Priscilla Smith. “When you open the door, she’s usually standing there. She doesn’t run and hide under the bed.”

Pixie loves people and enjoys playing with them. If someone throws one of the little mouse toys she is fond of, Pixie will run after it.

“Then she’ll bring it back to you and drop it, and she’ll do it for praise over and over again,” Smith said. “She’s very smart.”

But Pixie has some issues that make it a challenge for Happy Tales to find a person who would want her for a pet.

“She has allergies,” Ricker said.

That means Pixie needs to be fed a special food that has to be purchased online to prevent her from developing skin lesions. She also should be kept indoors, and the house she lives in needs to be clean.

“It doesn’t have to be sterile, but you have to keep things dusted and vacuumed,” Smith said. “She also is allergic to tobacco, so she would have to have an owner who is not a smoker.”

Smith and Ricker would like to see Pixie go to a home without other cats because she can be territorial when around her fellow felines.

“But I would be willing to try her with somebody who has just one cat,” Ricker said.

Smith keeps Pixie in a small downstairs apartment in her home near Houndslake Country Club. The cat has lots of playthings and a television to keep her amused, and Smith visits her two or three times a day.

“She’s happy here, but she’s not like my pet cats who live upstairs with me,” Smith said. “She accepts the time that I can spend with her, but she deserves someone who truly sees her as their own cat.”

Other Happy Tales cats that have been waiting for new homes for a long time are a shorthaired female tabby named Buttons, a black and white shorthaired female named Kiko and a shorthaired female brown tabby named Nala.

“I think they all deserve a chance,” Ricker said.

For information about Happy Tales and cat adoptions, call 215-971-6683 or send an email to Adoption applications are available at PetSmart.

Donations to Happy Tales can be sent to P.O. Box 7154, Aiken, SC 29804.

Dede Biles is a general assignment reporter for the Aiken Standard.