I enjoy Gary Bunkerís columns, whether it be a trip through South Carolinaís history or comments on a current issue. I also enjoy them because he often times brings a more conservative view point to the Aiken Standardís editorial page. A case in point was his recent column on the one cent sales tax hike Ė ďProperty taxes too low?Ē on July 21. It was a much needed antidote to the ongoing propaganda campaign being waged in favor of the increase. His piece was a grand slam against those community elites who see the ordinary citizenry as nothing but sheep to be sheared.

There is no justification for a sales tax increase when both income and retail sales are down. The old saying holds true: If you want more of something, subsidize it; and if you want less of something, tax it.

Those pushing the tax hike therefore favor less disposable income, less spending by consumers, and less control of taxpayers over their wages. Instead, the tax hikers favor more spending for their pet projects and larger and more inefficient government.

Interestingly, the tax hikers donít even make a plausible case that more school construction will actually increase educational attainment. New buildings donít translate into better scholars and bricks and mortar wonít build SAT scores.

We canít tax and spend our way to prosperity. Weíre taxed enough already. Thankfully, at least one columnist gets it.

Bob Ruddy