Health evaluations

More board of health evaluations are needed at fairs for food vendors.

Gun laws

Criminals donít need gun laws because they never have to buy guns. All they have to do is steal one from one of these unlocked vehicles. If you canít be responsible for your weapon, you shouldnít have it.

Drugs in Wagener

They need to send a drug task force down to Wagener. This is where all the drugs are, and something needs to be done about it.

The VA

The VA needs to stop sending prescription drugs through the mail. Theyíre doing nothing but selling these pills and they need to stop it.

Tax increase

If there will be fewer students sitting in classrooms, fewer teachers and fewer buildings due to these virtual schools, why are we asking for a tax increase to build more schools that will be housing fewer students?

Millage rate

We need to put something on the ballot to cut the school millage rate in half.

House check

The City needs to check on the houses on Marlboro Street. The first apartmentís yard is a mess. Everything but the kitchen sink is in their yard. Someone needs to check on this.

Nuclear waste

I live in Jackson. If the Savannah River Site will be receiving nuclear waste, I know darn well Iíll be moving.