MYRTLE BEACH ó After opening a new $118 million terminal last year, the Myrtle Beach International Airport is already looking to add more gates.

The airport hopes to add two new gates to its old terminal and renovate the facade of the terminal by spring, The Sun News of Myrtle Beach reported.

The airport is currently using eight gates.

The project will coincide with a $20 million project to resurface the runways. Itís expected that the federal government would provide 90 percent of the money.

Kirk Lovell, Horry Countyís airport department assistant director, said this year the airport is expected to handle 820,000 arriving passengers.

Lovell said airlines are running more flights and some have extended the season. He said the airport is handling near record levels of passengers. Lovell said a good economy and stable fuel prices are contributing to the increase.

The airport is adding nearly 600 new parking spaces by the end of the month.