Two motorists reportedly used their vehicles to block traffic on Whiskey Road to help two children who were trying to cross the road by themselves, according to the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office.

An Aiken man told officers he was traveling down Whiskey Road at about 6:45 p.m. Wednesday when he saw a boy and girl trying to cross the road during “heavy traffic,” according to a sheriff’s report. The man said he and an unknown woman stopped traffic on one side of the road with their vehicles and helped the children cross to the center lane. He then used his vehicle to block traffic on the other side of the roadway to help them cross near Sonic.

The motorist said he continued on to eat dinner at Cracker Barrel but was still concerned for the children when he left, police said. The owner of a home near where he helped the children cross directed him to their home.

The children answered the door when the motorist knocked, police said. When he asked to speak with a parent, the children told them the adult in the home was asleep.

An officer later went by the home and tried to make contact with someone inside but was unsuccessful, the report stated. At about 9:30 p.m., the motorist contacted law enforcement again about the “status” of the children.

Officers again tried to make contact with someone in the home but were unsuccessful, police said. On both occasions, they could see someone inside the home looking out through the curtains.

One of the adults living in the home reportedly has a family court bench warrant.

Teddy Kulmala covers the crime and courts beat for the Aiken Standard and has been with the newspaper since August 2012. He is a native of Williston and majored in communication studies at Clemson University.