Silent majority

The silent majority needs to contact the City Council and let them know we support four lanes on the bypass and not be intimidated by the concerned citizens group and its attorney.

Car check

I read the police blotter to make sure my car is still in the driveway.

Government support

Our government is spending billions to support other countries while people in Aiken are being arrested for shoplifting to support their families.

Cutting weeds

Why wonít somebody cut the weeds along the roadways. I would hate to see all the people picking up the trash in all those weeds. They are so high, theyíre nearly covering the signs. All the weeds are terrible.

Keep to yourself

If you donít like what Tiger Woods is doing, donít watch golf. You keep your opinion to yourself.

Early bird

I recently attended a yard sale and was turned away and told I should have left because I wanted to shop 15 minutes earlier than the time it was to start.


Caution, senior citizens, if you have anyone entering your home to perform services. First, contact a noninvolved trusted component of your life to oversee the work. An 86-year-old, alone simultaneously, with a house cleaning and a yard service should have called me. In southern Aiken tradition, trust, I will bring the perpetrators to justice.

Obama actions

Do you realize that Obama jumps in on anything that involves blacks? Like in Missouri right with now whatís going on there. But he hasnít done anything about the Marine in the Mexico prison. Is it because the Marine is white? Is that why he wonít do anything?


I see that Augusta is discussing a mandatory spay and neuter program at its shelter. I hope Aiken County will follow suit.

Judging TalkBack

Here is what I have learned from your remark on TalkBack. You only look for the negative. And if you are judging Aiken by remarks on TalkBack, you are only judging a few who love to voice their judgments just to get attention and they got yours. I love to read them because they frequently make me laugh.