Anyone visiting the City of North Augusta’s website recently has likely noticed some changes.

The redesign was spearheaded by Daniel Moore, the City’s public services administrative coordinator. Moore worked as an intern with City Administrator Todd Glover years ago, and brought a level of expertise to the project. Moore said the team spent “a lot of energy” in 2013 to make the site happen.

Most of the new features focus on improving the usability and navigation, along with easing access for the user.

“Users can put in online service requests, and it goes to an actual person,” Moore said. “From there, that person can generate a work order. Instead of the user having to find the number of the department, call, possibly get transferred and get bounced around, it cuts that out. The speed of the response is quicker, and users can check the status. It eliminates a lot of hassle.”

The e-notification system also allows users to receive updates from the departments that interest them. Moore said there will be no more blanket emails sent out, as users can select the news they want to hear. For example, if users want to get updates from Parks, Recreation and Leisure Services, but not necessarily the Sanitation Department, they can do that.

“This should fully encompass everything, as a City, we offer for citizens,” Moore said. “Any information you need, we present it. All departments have messages from each director, and what they provide for the City, along with contact numbers for department heads to supervisors and below. We’re trying to make it very visible; and if you need to talk to someone, you know exactly how to get them. For example, if someone needs to apply for a business license we want it to be a one-stop shop. Everything will be at your fingertips, and you can learn about the City and its features.”