“Hotel Impossible” host Anthony Melchiorri said renovating the Guest House at Houndslake and working with the staff has been one of the most emotional experiences he's ever had in more than four seasons of hosting the show.

“This has been, for me, one of the most emotional shows I've done, because there have been some things that have been hard to deal with,” he said. “And we're not there yet. I'm hoping we can finish strong and help out the hotel, but we're not done yet.”

Melchiorri and his staff have been busy filming season five of “Hotel Impossible” which will premiere later this year. After submitting an application, the Guest House made the list for renovations and has welcomed the show into its facility.

The “Hotel Impossible” team has spent the past week making renovations to the Guest House, as well as working with the owner, Peggy Penland, and the rest of the hotel staff.

“She's trying to reposition it, and so we've been working on giving her the skills she needs to run it,” Melchiorri said.

“The hotel is nice and has great reviews online, but it's dated; so, we're also working on some renovations, as well.”

Otis Barrow, the project manager for contractor Tyler Construction, said the experience has been very rewarding.

While details are scarce right now, Barrow said there have been a large number of man hours put in on the project.

“‘Hotel Impossible,' the designers and the producers have been really helpful and the entire experience has been really great,” he said. “It's been a lot of work and effort, but has definitely been time well spent.”

Melchiorri added, “We produce a real show, and it takes so many people working really hard behind the scenes. We do this under budget and with time constraints so there's nothing ‘produced' about this show. It's not a staged show, that's for sure.”

“Hotel Impossible” airs on the Travel Channel. The website explains that Melchiorri secretly scouts hotels and identifies their biggest problems. He then meets with the staff from front desk receptionists to housekeeping to the owners themselves to determine the key operation issues.

After coming up with a plan and prescribing the changes that need to be made, Melchiorri revamps and remotivates the staff and transforms the hotel.

A final decision has not yet been made on when the Guest House episode will air, but Melchiorri said it will likely be in November or December.