Flag etiquette

I went by to visit a friend who was interred and the flagpole was rusted and the flag was tattered. A marker said it was flown in memory of all veterans. I think the VFW needs to help them to understand flag etiquette.

Hitchcock Parkway

Please use some common sense regarding the Hitchcock Parkway project. $50 million is a ridiculous amount to spend on such a short span of street. Since we have other roads that need to be repaired and paved, they should be taken care of before this amount of money is spent on a single project.

Hereís a suggestion to the government experts and politicians. Instead of wasting $50 million on widening the Hitchcock Parkway, put it into widening Whiskey Road and making safer intersections and crosswalks. That should have been done decades ago if with had proper city/state planning.


Was anyone else in the Highway 19 N. area gifted with a kitten last week? Shame on the people who dumped the kitten.

Government Center

I am disappointed that our normally-responsible and frugal county officials would choose to build an opulent building for its new Government Center. After touring the building, I will now call it the Aiken County Palace. How can county officials justify spending this amount of money? Spending money to update our childrenís schools Ė an investment in our future. Spending money on government bureaucracy is a waste.


Itís about time the people get serious with people who are in and out of jail all the time. They let them out and they do it again. Some of these people have been getting arrested since they were teenagers. Itís time something was done.