ost 26 baseball team Aiken Junior American Legion Post 26.

As a legionnaire and a member of Post 26, it is with much pride and spirit that I share the honor of our team and their coaches and what a season record for a 14-year hiatus. We have many people to thank for the success of the team.

First of all, the numerous businesses who have supported the team through their advertisements in the yearly schedule.

Thank you to all the members of the American Legion Post 26 who worked day and night to get this program on the road again to success.

Thank you to the players and their families for their sacrifices for the team.

To the Aiken High School administration for the use of the baseball field and lighting and equipment, we owe a deep debt of gratitude.

To the umpires association, thanks to the people who control the game. Thank you, Lewis W. Weeks III (Teddy), director of Independent Umpires Association.

A huge thank you to the fans that appreciate good baseball.

Thank you to the people who operate the concession stand, the announcers booth, etc. We especially appreciate the announcement about Sen. Tim Scotts ceremony for Vietnam era veterans in Columbia on Aug. 2.

Thank you to Aiken Standard sports reporter Jeremy Timmerman for his superb coverage of the games and players and to Sports Editor Noah Feit. The total coverage for the team has been excellent, and you are to commended for total coverage.

Thanks to all the players and coaches in the league for their stamina and hardships in traveling, etc.

A faithful baseball fan and a legionnaire from Post 26,

Charles and Tony Beam