Starving children

The children in our schools want to learn and are starving for attention. Some are getting no training at home.

Phone book

The new phone book is so bad, I pitched it in favor of an older version.

School management

What the poster of the TalkBack titled “Unwise spending,” which suggested our schools were being poorly managed because we are spending money on reading coaches instead of using it for more classroom teachers, neglected and probably didn’t know is that the elementary reading coaches are part of South Carolina’s Read to Succeed Act. The Act was a direct result of Gov. Haley’s education initiative and received bipartisan support in both Houses of the General Assembly. I agree that placing coaches in the elementary schools is the right thing to do. We were already utilizing instructional coaches in many Aiken County schools. This expansion, thanks to the Read to Succeed Act, will enhance our teachers’ abilities and improve reading instruction and achievement throughout South Carolina. Legislative funding is provided by the Read to Succeed Act and the Act requires those funds be used for that purpose.

- King Laurence, Associate Superintendent for Instruction, Aiken County Public School District

Bypass widening

I see they’re still talking about widening the bypass with a median and a bike path and walking path. Nobody walks on Whiskey Road, and nobody walks on Pine Log Road. If people would use some common sense, they’d do the bypass.