Although I don’t call myself a conservative, I enjoy listening to conservative radio and TV from time to time. I wonder why it seems that they usually have a common subject, like maybe there is a senior communications czar who decides what or who will be the subject of on each of today’s programs.

A few days ago, the subject was the figure (fatness) of Michelle Obama. One of the religious right radio shows managed to carry the discussion for at least 20 minutes. They brought up some interesting points; (1.) Michelle’s school lunch menu is bad, (2.) Michelle eats burgers, fries and milk shakes when no one is looking, (3.) kids know what they like, and it isn’t fresh vegetables and (4.) next thing you know she’ll tell us what we are required to put into our home-packed lunches.

Stay tuned to your favorite program next week when the subject will be “Why is our president so skinny?”

Jerrold Sundt