Why are Aiken Mayor Fred Cavanaugh, the Aiken City Council and the Aiken County Council still planning on going forward with the widening of the Hitchcock Parkway when this money should be applied to the repair of our roads and bridges in Aiken County? As we all know, South Carolina is one of the poorest states with the worst maintained roads and bridges in the country.

I concur that we have had limited success in attracting new industry to the Aiken area. However, it is most unfortunate, as reported in the Aiken Standard, that the management and key personnel of these businesses are choosing to reside in the Augusta and Columbia counties area because of better infrastructure and schools.

Why are Cavanaugh, City Council and County Council not listening to the voters, the people who put them in office, but insist on taking the advice of S.C. Department of Transportation, or SCDOT, to go forward with this project rather than using the money that is desperately needed to fix our roads and make our bridges safe. Hitchcock Parkway is a jewel that belongs to the residents of Aiken, not to SCDOT.

Jeanine Gates