NORTH AUGUSTA — Rian True, the president of Carolina Covertech, said the company has one mission: To make life better.

It hopes to do that for even more customers with its expansion that was announced on Wednesday.

At a groundbreaking ceremony, the company, with U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., in attendance, announced its 8,000-square-foot expansion. The expansion will also lead to roughly 10 new jobs.

“We do spill containment,” True said. “Which is basically, if you’re working somewhere, it can keep chemicals from getting back on the ground. It’s called secondary containment. The biggest part of our growth is due to the fracking industry all over the country. Our biggest customers are in Texas; we make these products for them. One of the huge things for them is to be clean and safe. A lot of people aren’t comfortable with the drilling, and we’ve all seen the complaints.

“Having been there, I can tell you they are very, very safe above and below the ground. It benefits us, because they utilize a lot of our products. It’s going to increase our building by about 50 percent and allow us to make more of those products.”

In addition to spill containment, Carolina Covertech specializes in medical devices, industrial containment, safety and rescue equipment and nautical and aircraft covers, among other things, according to its website.

True recounted a story where a Carolina Covertech product, made for people who undergo medical amputations, improved circulation.

“We’ve got letters from people saying things like, ‘My dad’s last years of his life were comfortable because of this,’” he said. “These are the stories we’ve told over and over. Everything we do, we think about how it’s making someone’s life better.”

The most important thing of all, True said, is the values that he and the employees keep at Carolina Covertech.

“To be Christ-centered, to honor God in everything we do,” he said. “We’re committed, and we don’t know how to give up. We keep winning out there. We just do our best every day, and we’re all proud of the team around us.”

Duncan said that it meant a lot for him to be invited to the event.

“It’s a great day for me to see jobs being created,” he said. “I went to Washington to focus on three things – jobs, energy and our founding fathers. What can we do in Washington to foster an environment that helps unleash and unbridle that entrepreneurial spirit I’m seeing today, to allow Americans to do what Americans do best? That’s to innovate and create, and create jobs and employ Americans.

“With energy, it’s a great segue for what (Carolina Covertech) does for the energy sector. ... I see energy as a segue to job creation. As we approach energy independence in this country, and we utilize the God-given resources our country has been blessed with, there’s going to be expanded energy product, and that means expanded opportunities for Carolina Covertech products to be used in the field.”

Scott Rodgers is the news editor at The North Augusta Star and has been with the paper since 2013. Follow him on Twitter @TheScottRodgers.