As a Marine Vietnam veteran, I have never been more ashamed of a country and its president until now. President Barack Obamaís pathetic attempt to stay out of the chaos in Iraq reeks of ego.

His bogus excuse to give humanitarian aid with minimal military support and not put troops on the ground is despicable when you consider that his reasoning is that he doesnít want to fight another war in Iraq after running out of the country leaving it undefended against insurgents and anarchists from within.

He takes no responsibility blaming the Iraqi government for not allowing him to leave a small force there as a deterrent. We fought and died there and, in essence owned that country. He could have stood his ground and made the issue nonnegotiable, but he didnít.

Now he has placed this country in a moral dilemma, telling us that he will not put boots on the ground while thousands of people are tortured and mutilated and murdered by a faction of soulless beings with a blood lust to annihilate the world.

Obamaís big accomplishment to end the war in Iraq was just a sham to make Americans think that he cared about our people when in fact, he was looking for praise to pacify his ego.

The blood of thousands of victims is on Obamaís hands. Itís his fault for the outcome he now faces. The blatant threat by ISIS to destroy America should be the presidentís priority, but he would rather play golf than draw up a serious plan to destroy a serious threat to mankind.

Gregory J. Topliff