A local company is taking its “Go Green” effort to the next level by partnering with local businesses and installing chargers for electric cars throughout the city.

Norman Dunagan, the founder of Dumpster Depot – a company that provides waste removal services for commercial and construction businesses in the CSRA – wrote there are currently nine charger locations in the CSRA: four Top Notch Car Wash locations, the USC Aiken Convocation Center, Dumpster Depot, the Mill on Park, RE Phelon and the Marriott in downtown Augusta.

He added there are six more businesses who are very interested, but have not committed yet.

“It is a partnership between Dumpster Depot and these local businesses. We provide the charging stations and they provide the electricity,” he explained in a press release.

There are about 100 electric cars in the CSRA market, and Dumpster Depot hopes to help add another 100 by giving people the freedom to charge their cars anywhere within a 5-mile radius, Dunagan added. The end goal is to install a total of 28 in the next 12 months.

“The goal is to always be within 5 miles of a charging station by the time Dumpster Depot is done installing these,” he said.

The Aiken Standard reached out to local car dealerships and asked if they sell electric cars. Wayne Morgan, the general manager of Master Chevrolet Cadillac, said they always keep two electric cars in stock: a Chevrolet Volt and a Cadillac ELR.

A Volt, for example, can operate on pure electricity for the everyday commute and switches to gasoline for longer trips, according to Chevrolet’s website. Owners who charge regularly are averaging more than 900 miles between fill-ups, he said.

Morgan also said they have an electric car charger at the dealership, as well.

“People are looking for alternate ways than what there were in the past. The benefit for the consumer is that not only are you using less gas, but you have federal and state tax credits you can get when you purchase one,” he added. “So I applaud Dumpster Depot for their initiative.”

South Carolina residents can save on the purchase of a new Chevrolet Volt by combining a federal tax credit from $0 up to $7,500 with a state of South Carolina income tax credit of up to $1,999, according to Chevrolet.

Dumpster Depot’s initiative is operating under the hashtag #GreenerAiken.

For more information on Dumpster Depot, call Norman Dunagan at 803-644-6004 or email ndunagan@dumpsterdepotllc.com.

For more information about Dumpster Depot and Greenworks, visit www.dumpsterdepotllc.com.

Derrek Asberry is the SRS beat reporter for the Aiken Standard.