This is for the person who complains about the high cost of the MOX facility. Thatís what the unions do. Drive up the cost of everything.

Nuclear waste

The county, the city and certainly the mayor should concentrate on keeping the nuclear waste from being dumped here instead of widening the bypass. The only traffic theyíll have on the bypass is people doing an exodus from Aiken if the waste is dumped here.

The VA

The VA should not stop mailing medicine to veterans. Most veterans are disabled and cannot go to a VA at any time to pick up their medicine.

Hereís a person condemning the practice of the VA of prescriptions sent via mail. Is this person advocating cutting off the whole arm due to an infected finger? These prescriptions are keeping our heroes alive.


Why do neighborhoods who hate the police and complain about the police always seem to call the police more?

Spending problems

We canít afford to resurface our highways and repair our bridges, but how many hundreds of thousands of dollars are we going to spend revealing the hull of a sub?

School nurses

I agree with the TalkBack about the school nurses. I think itís ridiculous one nurse is responsible for 2,500 children.

This is for the person who says they have a very sick child and needs a full-time nurse at the school. If the child is that sick, they donít need to be in school.